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WOW! Medicine for Cats & Dogs
Cutting edge care offers extraordinary health advantages for dogs and cats!

Two blogs in two days--and there's a reason for that! It goes beyond back-to-back Paw Nation articles (thanks to Gina Misiroglu and RedRoom.com!). Mostly I'm pretty irreverent in my blog posts and often write with tongue firmly in (furry) cheek as you'll see in yesterday's Seeing Eye to Eye post. But today's topic is especially close to my heart.

Cutting edge care for pets.

Every veterinarian offers basic care such as vaccinations, neuter surgery, and parasite control. But today, just as in human medicine, veterinary specialties offer modern techniques that go "beyond the basics." Pets benefit from stem cell treatments, open heart surgery, kidney transplants--pretty much anything your human doc can do, the fur-kids also have these options! 




I had the great good fortune to interview experts at virtually all the veterinary teaching universities while researching my book Pet Care in the New Century. The Paw Nation article shares some of those Wow! Vet Care options for your cats and dogs.

The topic begs the question, though--Would you? Could you? SHOULD you opt for cutting edge medicine for your fur kids?  It ain't cheap--but what cost do you put on love? I had an irate letter from one reader shaming me for the book topic because it "took away funds better spent on children."

What do you think? Does anyone have the right to tell you how to treat your pets? Would anyone dare suggest we cancel golfing and funnel it to needy (fill in the blank)? Frankly in today's economy I might not be able to afford some of the options now available. 

But when I look into Magical-Dawg's eyes, or hear Seren-Kitty's purr, I know my answer.  Other's milage may vary.

On a lighter note, check out the ComPETability games pets play and how cats and dogs deal with the hot weather in their own way. Hint: you'll see Magical-Dawg in action subduing a ferocious water-spitting hose. *s*