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Monday Mentions: Dog Communication, Pet Connection & Felinese

This past Friday, the blog covered cat talk, with 12 ways cats communicate over at Paw Nation. It’s only fair that dogs get equal time, don’t you think? After all, when our pets try to talk to us, they’re doing more than a “Monday mention” and literally throw their whole body into the effort. (By the way, that’s my Magical-dawg in the picture—can you tell what he’s “saying?”)

magic w red roses

People who love dogs want to understand canine communication. But growls mixed with tail wags can be confusing. Though people rely on words, dog talk combines vocalizations, body language and smells. It goes beyond woofs and wags. Here are 12 ways your dog tells you what he thinks.

Thanks so much to Red Room’s Gina Misiroglu, my connection with the kitty and doggy people at Paw Nation. She’s been sniffing out opportunities to send readers to Red Room and its authors—paws-itively awesome! 

Another Monday Mention shout out goes to my friends over at Pet Connection—there’s a whole team that offers fantastic pet care and animal news including my buddy and co-author Dr. Marty Becker and colleagues Gina Spadafori, Kim Thornton, Arden More, Christie Keith…a whole slew of ‘em! I know that I’ll miss some…so just go over and check out the blog and see for yourself!

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