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Keep Pets Cold-Weather Safe
Learn first aid for frostbite, hypothermia and more and keep your pets safe!

bass golden pup in snow

People fight the cold with heavy coats, long underwear and wooly mittens. And if it's too cold for people, a fur coat won't protect pets from weather extremes, either. Just like people frostbite and human hypothermia, pets also can suffer from cold weather dangers, including frostbite and hypothermia.

Dogs and cats protect themselves by curling up in small shelters that can be warmed by their own body heat. Fluffed fur insulates the body the same way clothing protects people -- by trapping warm air next to the skin. Indoor cats look for warm spots--my cat Seren's favorite spot is under lampshades.

Seren With Lamp

But without door pets, wind strips away the protective layer of warm air trapped by fur. Getting wet makes the cold worse, when fur can't fluff to hold warm air. Even moderately cool temperatures can be dangerous. A 20 mph wind makes 40 degree weather feel like 18 degrees. Read my latest Huffington Post article to learn how to keep pets safe through the cold winter.

Special Holiday thanks to Gina Misiroglu, Ivory Madison and Huntington Sharp--and RED ROOM--for an awesome 2011 putting me in touch with the Huffington Post, Paw Nation and AOL pet lovers. Youse guys ROCK and have made a positive difference in pet lives (and this pet writer's career).

Magic with Santa Hat

I hope everyone had a wonderful (and safe!) holiday vacation and celebration. Our pets become experts at finding trouble, though, so I've put together a whole boatload of articles that include first aid tips and more to keep your pets safe. Need to keep him away from the tree? Stop her from chewing the electrical lights? Prevent Junior Dog from eating his new bear toy? Or maybe find low-to-no-cost veterinary care for the new furry wonder? You'll want to check out these articles here--please share with your other pet-loving friends!

May 2012 bring you furry love and all good things!

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