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Dog Home Remedies & First Aid Tips
This book has been a textbook in vet-tech schools--keep it handy "just in case" for your cats and dogs!

While your veterinarian diagnoses and prescribes for your dog's health issues, canine first aid as well as minor problems may benefit from human medicines. Let's face it, Fido rarely tears a claw or eats something iffy during regular clinic hours, so it's helpful to know how to use your pantry supplies and human medicine chest to help your dog. Some people prescriptions can be dangerous (especially for cats!) so it's a good idea to have a handy list.

My latest Paw Nation article offers you a list of 30 common human meds that also work for dogs, along with 23 helpful household items (Saran wrap, KY jelly, condom) for first aid. Learn more here!

Special thanks and warm-fuzzies as always to Gina Misiroglu and the Red Room Team for connecting me with the Paw Nation folks. I hope this latest article saves some pet lives (and maybe some $$ too!).


When is first aid appropriate? Dogs can get themselves into trouble that causes more discomfort than danger, and that's the perfect time for a home remedy. For instance, here are tips on how to relieve sunburn pain. And for dogs that develop skin sores you can use first aid to cool the burn of hot spots.

Other times when injury is life-threatening you may not have time to get your pet to the vet. So it's vital to know how to perform rescue breathing, for example or how to save his life if you fear he's drowned.

I hope you'll never have an emergency with your fur kids. But it's always better to be prepared for the worst and pray it never happens than the alternative. You'll find dozens of first-aid how-to's from emergency room veterinarians (from hangnail to snakebite, or even gunshots) in my pet first aid book.