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brotherhood crisis (the quest of ME)

look me up in the books

in the portrait of a woman smiling

with mystery shining

in her looks

look for me between your fingers as you write,

between your lips as you sing,

i'm in your tears have you cried,

search for me, don't stop to think,

thoughts distort

the one thing i fought

i'm drawn by tears in your eyes, don't you blink,

don't blink me away

from night to day

from day to night.

don't look for me in stars that shine

i am not the horizon,

not the northern star, not a sign

i'm in, within, whenever you fight,

when you scream in anger, joy, or fright,

but you don't know, you can't see,

'cause you never ever searched for me

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Beautiful piece.

Beautiful piece.