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What does the light of the moon taste like?
Do not misunderstand,dear old friend,But may I eat you,As I hold youIn my hand?Indifference, I cannot pretend,Because you are so lovely.At times I feel lonelyBecause I miss the colorsWhen everything turns silverin your light.But most times I feel delight,I cannot deny,When I am part of all,Equal to...
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In the darkest of alleys, I'd wander and lingerI'd weave a siren of melodies and sing herAnd call the children, rags worn out and souls oldTo summon their fancies and stretch 'em ten-fold Under my imaginary treeCome sit with meHere is a shade from the SunWhen the clock strikes oneOne life to live,...
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The moon started to grow pale as the dawn approached.. But Nadin's thin white skin still glowed, as if saturated by her long exposure to the gaze of the moon.. All those nights.. (a breeze passed softly over her, from head to toe, as she lay on the floor of the front porch)... She glanced at the...
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The little boy had told her she was a shining daisy in broad daylight, that was decades ago in a garden somewhere, she didn't remember.. That is the difference between a child and a man.. The child says "You are a daisy.", the man says "You are like a daisy." Now she was neither...
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It was a silent night, the air was still like in a box.. Nadin stood in a light nightwear in the front porch.. Silent songs flowed somberly from her gazing eyes.. Fifty years ago her mother would have bustled in a mechanic reflex about illness and cough and fever, dragging her with words back into...
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The showering cold water drummed violenty on her head, sometimes covering her ears, rendering the sounds thick and heavy.. The torrent did not stir her, though she took in all the noise -her thoughts were eager to be diverted and splashed asunder, with or without reason- as she stood looking...
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Monarchs By Thomas Whelan
THERE was a time when meadow, grove, and stream, The earth, and every common sight, To me did seem Apparell'd in celestial light, The glory and the freshness of a dream. It is not now as it hath been of yore;— Turn wheresoe'er I may, By night or day, The things which I have seen I now can see no...
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In the dark, stretched full length on her stomach, her feet resting on the pillow while her cheek pillows the hard rim of the bed..Her left arm is hanging off the side.. Her fingers twitch, her heart is racing fast and palpitates at frequent intervals like it is still dancing to the Doors songs yet...
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Wake up in bed, in a bed..Four seconds to realize, there is nothing..Open a pair of haggard eyes, something's missing..The embroidery of the cushionStamped on my plain face,At least now it is ornamented..Something's missingThat cannot be replaced..Close your eyes, it's hard to seeHard to wake up to...
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To resemble the treeI had to be free,To flow with the airShe released her hair,Together we bendTogether we dance in the wind.When the wind blows hardWe do not fall apartWe dance, we don't break,We wave like rain ripples on the lake..To resemble the treeI had to be me..When the wind rests and the...
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Bouncing between the corners of my squareColliding into me, and me, and me, and me,You, who taught me to be freeAnd showed me the grace of careTell me if this is a building block,If the seconds are all the sameOr this is a broken clock.."For every question there is an answer,Starts with God,...
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You fall,Fall into Continuum.Sometimes it's hardWhen the end Looks just like the start.You fall,Fall into supreme silenceLike a thousand screaming crows.And the compass,Your hope of guidance,Has no needle... But you knowThere is something moreFrom the asylum of the sky.The deceitful mistIs your...
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One time, Three times, Blue bicycle And colored rain Take it and fly, Me behind. There is space in the ship For all your grace? There is space, In my heart and my eyes The prison, You look from outside Those bars, You are not behind, They are not before you, But you look, And they scare you No...
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There are moments when I want time to stop.. No, there are moments when I want time to go and just leave me alone, to forget about me and leave me locked at the zero time I am in. To be freed from that dimension, Time. Certainly it is not Time's problem. But, there, that's how I feel , and, what I...
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Would you still love the moon If its pale dust  gets in your eyes? If the cloud that sheltered you from the summer sun Sent down its rain, Would you tell it to apologize? Have faith, Embrace a nightingale that failed to sing one morning, Have faith.. In a clown that cries, Have faith.. In the rain...
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