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what is to be said (originally written in arabic)

what is to be said? people forsake, ignore,  matter suffocates, in a serious attempt to take away my life..

what is to be said, the decree is made public, "go on, fellows, and speak no more..", and so my heart remains imprisoned by my mind, my mind by my heart, and me by the flowing days..

what is to be said, to my friends, along with their lost identities, not knowing why and what for, and they are as far as they could possibly be from the truth   

and how would it be said, my tongue has been brutaly cut off by loneliness, the loneliness of me among the crowd, the phony crowd, the shameful crowd..

should i blame myself, or should i blame time and place, or should i blame them? we've become like bacteria, we live in thousands and die in thousands, kill thousands and be killed in thousands.. and it never matters...

minds are no more, sights are too short, what is to be said, and who would hear??

Moon of Dark Night, am i seen??