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we live in a really hateful world

We live in a really hateful world,

Priests and Sheikhs lashing out at each other and are torn apart from within,

And in the process, God is sworn at instead of sworn by,

In the process, the lady jumps off the window and the boy over-doses and dies,

I, want to die..

I lie on bed while the light creeps in,

I repeat to myself " Pain is not real, everything's alright, it is all my imagination",

But instead of being grabbed with magic, swift hands into the world of Sleep,

Or at least thinking of something foolish I had said or heard,

Or what to be on breakfast,

I lie in simple, simple pain...

Simple, as I grid my teeth..

It is not butterflies in stomach,

It is winged dragons breathing fire in my stomach..

What is to be?

And I stand up and walk away, to a hateful, really, hateful world,

And i start to doubt, and my confused mind waves its swords in a small crowded box, that is me..

He said not do miracles or be clowns, He said not kill the whole world into a territory of some name...

I think, think, think,

Of the hundreds of curses i heard,

Of the spitting of angry men screaming absurd words, like those of a toddler,

Of Silence.. in the eyes of those who have not the energy to be screaming, angry men..

I think, think, think,

What is the use of the funny-looking Oregano plant pot on the fence

If all I smell and all I see is sickening mould..

We live in a hateful world,

That I wish I lived in a town of some politically -even geographically- unknown country,

And die of pneumonia, or peacefully in a humble bed..

But I don't, do I?

Now as this comes to an end, I panic..

Because I will have to meet those who think that before everything there was nothing and believe this is not as bizarre compared to the presence of a deity..

I will have to meet those who are whipped but do not scream in pain, instead they wave their hands at a fly...

I will have to meet blind-folded people handed guns,

And other blind-folded handed books of God...

I will have to meet myself...And will have to explain the Pain..

We live in this world, what an ugly fact,

And I wish I could sleep until it is over,

But alas, I lie awake...