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Hope in the Alley

In the darkest of alleys, I'd wander and linger
I'd weave a siren of melodies and sing her
And call the children, rags worn out and souls old
To summon their fancies and stretch 'em ten-fold

Under my imaginary tree
Come sit with me
Here is a shade from the Sun
When the clock strikes one
One life to live, one heart we share
One million laughs one tear can bear

Come, children -we all are children, isn't it true?-
Listen to my flute, it sings for you
And when you are pushed and fall in the dust
Think it is a wall and you're an ant there that is lost
You don't have to reach with your hand and touch
Forms do not mean to an ant that much
Smell the fragrance of your-our heart's way
Follow, and you'll pick the flower one day

In the darkest of alleys, come sit with me
In the light of your heart, it's time to be free
It's time to fly, you need not wings
You only need a hope that sings...