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Former Resident of the Kingdom of Heavens (2) "The Night of the Landing"

Wonder, when I touched the ground
On the grass,
I made no sound,
I was scared,
Never was I prepared...
Through everything, I used to pass,
Through the air
And the most dense of clouds
But nothing ever so compressed
As your land..
I remained, as the wind layed me there
Am I cursed or blessed?
Nothing was to me explained..
I never worried before, never pained..
What am I? Where am I?
For the first time I cry..
My heart thundered,
When there just came a whisper..
I know! I used to whisper so!
When we saw those mystery drops glow
From dark, mystery clouds in your eyes..
Our Sun,
She used to say
"When the darkest of night arrives,
I know it is my time to rise"
And there I saw, ray after ray,
Glowing softly through the skies,
And I know why,
For we used to chase them across the blues,
And whirl around them,
Caressing and tickling,
And their sharp golden light diffused,
The Sun told me why:
"For the weak eyes of my beloved
Just awaken after a blissful sleep,
My first rays must be gentle,
This is a secret you must not keep!"
So in my rapture as I saw
The greenest grass glistening with dew,
I had to stand on your solid land,
And sing the secret meant for you!
I sang and kissed every blooming flower,
I lay my head again and listened
To the passionate heart of this giving land,
But I could not understand,
There I sang and wandered, hour after hour,
Still you were sleeping,
The curtains down,
No move, no sound..
Could it be?
Could it be that you are missing all the wonderous calls?
The first fresh rays that feed your souls?
The breathing earth that rises and falls?
I halted,
By what I perceived..
Little ones on earth,
You are deceived!
... I shall sing again,
to me..