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Celestial Emotions

The clouds assembling,
Uncertain, hesitating...
The air charged with tension,
My eyes are restless,
Watching the scene in anticipation..
The negotiations pulsating through the particles
And into me...
I spring to my feet in agitation
And start to pace..
I feel like a cloud,
Like a jurist,
And one of the people around,
Prosecuter and convict all at once,
And the advocate for mercy..
But this is not the case..
Light recedes and shadows now dance,
Eyes start to gaze heavenwards,
What hope, what chance?
The Conscience of the Cosmos
confronts thousands of hushed guilts,
Running and hiding,
How they lurked, Heaven knows!
The heat of the celestial debate
Flushes in my face..
The air is about to glow in fervour..
The etherical bell strikes,
A thunder, the verdict..
People dodged instinctly,
But how can we avoid it?
I glared at the perilling skies
And in my anxious, angry eyes
Fell a drop..
People, straight up again in their fake pride,
Strode quickly, scattering..
Trying to hide?
How ironic,
While the earth smiled and the river rejoiced,
Terrestial arms stretched,
"I was thirsty for your love.."
I looked up again,
This time sharing the universal benediction,
Laughing with dogs and running with cats
And flickering with each drop
Like leaves,
The sky's piano keys,
And I saw the clouds
Light with forgiveness,
Floating away with wings of compassion..
Court dismissed...

Oh Man can't you learn
To turn anger into blessings
And find faith in doubts?
Or is it only the sky that can make
Flowers from storming clouds?