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A Penguin who has enough brain to dream..

I feel like a penguin..
Has the Sun risen yet?
What difference does it make?
Does it make me remember, does it make me forget?
Does it melt an ocean of ice?
Oh, that would have been nice..
But I am a penguin and here I am!
Will God make me stay the same?
Or would I change?
Would I have spreading wings like an eagle,
Or a charming voice like a sparrow.
Or a dazzling color like a flamingo.
They tell me "Oh your mind is so narrow!
You can be a penguin and still be special!"
I turn from them and walk away,
It's dark, but it's day...
Has the Sun risen yet? Will it ever rise before I go?
They say "Stop asking and live your life!
If you leave here you will die,
You can't even fly!"
But I keep dreaming of a world I feel I know,
With little cold or ice,
Am I already there?
Where the Sun does really rise?
Maybe... Maybe I should just go and meet myelf..

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Good morning Optimism!

"Maybe I should just go and meet myelf.." I have been trying all my life but did not succeed.Did you?

You're improving fast,for your age, Amira,congratulations.

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Thank you very much, it

Thank you very much, it means A LOT to me.
No, I haven't succeeded yet, but I will keep on trying.
Prayers for all of us.