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Reading and Learning

As I delve deeper into the path of publication, I’ve encounter many different conclusions. One of which is that my writing sucks.

Okay, maybe not so harshly put, but as I tried to desperately prepare the best damn query letter and synopsis possible, I struggled so much that I realized my skill level wasn’t as high as I thought it was. Or maybe, I just don’t have the skills I didn’t know were needed for this type of profession. Apparently, creativity alone isn’t enough.

But of course, I’m too stubborn to let that stop me.

I don’t need my novel to be perfect in order to be happy. I just need it to be able to be entertaining and intriguing enough that it will sell thousands and (hopefully) millions of copies. The skill needed to clearly express an idea’s purest, entertaining and intriguing essence is a skill I want more than anything.

If I get that, then I’m good to go when it comes to the publishing world. So where do you find it?

I don’t know, but I’m hoping those who have already done it in the past can give me a clue. Needless to say, I need to read more. Since my genre is fantasy, I guess I need to read some very intriguing and successful fantasy. I have the first trilogy (“The Dark Elf Trilogy”) of R.A. Salvador’s Drizzt’s series that I got for my Christmas last year. And I have “The Bartimaus Trilogy” by Jonathan Stroud, which I got for my birthday this year. I have a feeling my older brother really knows that I need to read more fantasy if I am to sell my book. Smart guy.

I have a tendency to avoid reading books I know I will get hooked on. I have a very addictive personality, so once I really get into a book, there’s no pulling me away. My reaction to Orson Scott Card’s “Enders Game” is proof enough. For that reason, I haven’t even got halfway through the first book of “The Dark Elf Trilogy”. I already I have a favorite character and I have a feeling he’s going to die before the end of the book; another reason why I’m avoiding reading it.

Alas, I need to read if I’m going to get better. I just hope I don’t forget about writing and just read all day which I know I am very capable of doing.

Does anyone have a favorite fantasy or science fiction book they would recommend?