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Lexington, KY
I have been married to my encouraging husband Ben for five years.
Dec 2010

I was born in the charming town of LaGrange, KY. As a writing enthusiast and member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, I spend much of my free time writing a picture books series that I am currently working on, and deepening my understanding of today's market.  I find that my little girls, Madison and Michelle, are a constant inspiration to my imagination.  My goal is to broaden my abilities as a writer and to break through as a fresh face in the children's book industry.

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Creativity has always been my dominating strength, as I enjoy art, writing, decorating and music composition. When my fingers touch the ivory keys of a piano, my soul seems to have found it's match. Photography has also become an interest of mine. If I were to have all the time in the world, you would probably find me in a barn. Horses have been a deep love of mine since I was a child. These interests all come together from time to time and season my life with abounding joy and fulfillment. Most of my day consists of caring for my precious girls and spending time with my husband.