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Reviews of Amanda’s Work

Published by Threepercent
A master of metafictional writing reminiscent of the French nouveau roman writers of the ’50s and in particular Marguerite Duras, Greece’s Amanda Michalopoulou invites us to view...
Published by The Quarterly Conversation
Wonderfully polymorphous—is it novel, fictional biography, short story collection, or other?—and incredibly promiscuous in its tones and registers—vacillating with ease between...
Published by Publishers Weekly
"A novelist and columnist for the newspaper Kathimerini, Michalopoulou has fashioned a baker's dozen of tart, experimental, grown-up stories for literary tastes. The most...
Published by Kathimerini, English Edition
When the heroine of the first story in Amanda Michalopoulou’s latest book, “Tha ithela” (“I’d Like”), purloins a red beret from a sheet-covered body on a hospital gurney, we know...
Published by Kathimerini, English Edition
  I shall focus on the four novels, the first three of which the author refers to as her “apprenticeship trilogy,” where the subject is novel-writing itself. Indeed, writing about...