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Hidden Laughter
For the children.


Hidden laughter

Silent tears

Broken bones

Many fears



No way out

Childs’ protector

Let’s them down


Tattered clothing

Shoes worn out

No gloves or scarf

To wrap about


Head held low

Mind bogged down

Heart is heavy

But where to go


No confidant

To hear the pain

Isolation -

Becomes the way


Loud voices

Screaming yet again

Head held in hands

To block it out


Homework scattered on the floor

Can’t concentrate anymore

They know its coming

Breath held tight


Door thrown open

Steps inside

Eyes are wild

They beat the child


One last angry voice they hear

The child just simply disappears


Hidden laughter

Silent tears

Broken bones

No more fear!


by Amanda M. Thrasher

(in the hopes of no more child abuse)