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 Fumbling with keys in hand she dropped her purse at the foot of the door. “Dam it,” she whispered, knowing no one was around to hear her frustration. Arriving home late again, angered her. Not managing her time or people well made her feel inadequate. Kicking the grocery bag through the door her hand traced the edge of the wall; she found the switch on the left.

Bingo and let there be light, she thought, “and there was!” she said.

Instinctively Shaun made a bee line toward the French doors and opened them wide, the sea air sweeping over her as she did so. She stepped out of her elegant black heels and left them on the carpet, walked onto the deck, and pulled down her long dark hair. Next she pulled out her beautiful designer blouse; and looking down at her skirt, blouse un-tucked she couldn’t help but smile.

The sound of the waves gently breaking onto the beach below, a sound Shaun relied on daily to calm her nerves and strengthen her soul. Placing her hands on the rail, she inhaled deeply sucking the salt air into her lungs. Counting to ten she exhaled slowly, closed her eyes and calmed her mind. Wine would be really good right now, she thought opening her eyes. She picked a lovely red, poured herself a glass and went back to the deck. Wearing now only her slip and blouse, knowing eventually she would make her way to the bedroom and change but a few sips of wine first.

Shaun was startled when her cell rang. It wasn’t until she saw his name on the screen that she remembered Dante said he’d stop by. The conversation was brief; he was already on his way up. Dante, the only person in the world she truly trusted, loved and could stand to be around for more than a few days at a time. If it was up to her and it wasn’t; they’d be roommates for sure. They were family though or as close to family as either of them had ever had or would have for that matter.

“Nice…now there’s a look I’d like to capture,” Dante said pouring himself a glass of the wine too from the opened bottle. “Shaun Williams, Executive extraordinaire, looking like a disheveled high school chick that just went through her mama’s liquor cabinet…sweet,” he was smiling as he sipped.

“Hey you,” Shaun said softly pecking his cheek, “Welcome home!”

He laughed and then they laughed. He wasn’t home, he was visiting and they both knew that. Dante’s home NY, Shaun’s home the Carolina’s, although he did have surprise he wasn’t quite ready to share.

“What’s for dinner?” Shaun asked.

“Well that depends what’s in the pantry doesn’t it!” Dante chuckled knowing that if he didn’t cook she likely wouldn’t eat that evening. “Go do your thing, I’ll start cooking!”

Shaun stood under the shower with her hands pressed against the wall, allowing the hot water to roll over her body; she realized for the first time the move and stress had taken its toll, she ached all over. Lathering her body with her signature scent, she thought she must have subconsciously been moving throughout the day, shower included, in such a way to prevent sharp pangs of pain from shooting throughout her strained muscles. A massage via Dante was high on her to do list.

Standing in front of the mirror her eyes scanned her body; it was almost as perfect as she was supposed to be. Her tall elegant frame the envy of all women, and her long dark hair that hung on her shoulders was thick and full, breasts the most perfect size and shape that money could buy, and a waist so tiny one would think she dieted and suffered daily to achieve such. I am done, she thought wrapping her towel back around her. I’ve seen enough!

I was about to come get you,” Dante said refilling her empty glass. He took a sip of his and topped it off too. “Let’s eat on the deck, grab a blanket.”

They didn’t speak, but then again they didn’t need or have too. Their friendship deep and strong, words spoken were words truly meant and enjoyed. When the silence was broken it was Shaun that spoke first. “I made the appointment,” she said. “It is done, I will be done.”

Dante reached over and held her hand, softly he spoke. “I know this is what you have always wanted and who you are supposed to be. Your journey has been long, your pain has been deep, but you have come through the other side and this will make you complete.”

Shaun could hold back her tears no more, as they rolled down her cheeks she sobbed into her hands. She opened her mouth to speak but couldn’t, her heart was a combination of joy and peace, fear and relief. “I have never in my life been more certain of a single thing,” she finally managed to say. “To have you complete this journey with me, makes me feel complete.” She took a deep breath and wiped her face, noticing tears had filled his eyes, “I was abandoned as you know years ago and you found me. I found you and we have been one ever since. Though there’s not a single other soul in this world, that will understand the love two platonic people can have, we do!”

Shaun glanced across the ocean and paused as the waves brushed across the sand. “I love all of you and you do me…even the parts I’m not supposed to be!”

Dante stood up and removed her plate from her lap setting it aside he crouched at her feet. “Shaun,” he said, “Where else would I be. This journey you are on is part of me!” He smiled, “Oh and by the way, we will be summering down here with you. I bought the condominium across the street!”

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This is a story worthy of reading twice!

Solid characters and an engrossing story with a twist, if you take the time to read it twice, you'll find it... Amanda, you have all the elements of an artfully, conveyed story here. Well done!

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It's Done!

Thank you so much for reading, I appreciate your kind words!


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Thank you for reading this

Thank you for reading this short story. I appreciate your kind words and your time.


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short story competiton 1000 words

Thank you for reading my short story Jeff. I appreciate your kind words. Writing a story using only a 1000 words as required turned out to be fun!