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Amanda M. Thrasher's Biography

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Fort Worth
Married with 3 children
Sep 2010

Born in England and moved to the States, Fort Worth, TX, when she was fourteen. Though American high school and college was quite the culture shock, she adjusted well.  Being a dreamer by nature and goal setter second to that, she truly believes in chasing the American Dream and is very proud to be an American citizen. This is a privilege never taken for granted.

'Mischief in the Mushroom Patch' is the first installment of the 'Mischief' series. 'A Fairy Match in the Mushroom Patch,' is the second. This series is purposely written with the intent to bring back classic fairy tales, in a fresh new way.   Amanda also writes: picture and short story books, children's and adult novels, and  poetry.

"I always knew I was supposed to write; but I had no idea I would ever be an author, I truly am a writer first and an author second to that. I love words and  believe that writing is like beautiful art. As writers our canvas is our notepad and our paint our pen, and we create because we have too. I'm not a manufactured author; by this I mean I strongly oppose jumping on the 'what's hot now' band wagon, and trying to 'one up it'. It is a personal choice and one I choose for me. I write solely from within, meaning, I listen to my own inner voice and write accordingly. Allowing us , as writers, to create the beautiful art I believe that we do." by Amanda M. Thrasher

Upcoming Works

I am currently working on the third installment of the Mischief series and another Children's novel, a mystery, which I absolutely love. I also have many picture and short story books that I have written, but I'm just not sure what I would like to do with them yet. Writing for me is truly a love of words; I am not a manufactured author, meaning I do not jump on the 'what's hot right now,' and try to write one better than it trend.


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Interests & Hobbies

I love to write, run, ride and anything on the water goes.