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Amanda Eyre Ward's Books

Sleep Toward Heaven
Amanda Eyre Ward's debut novel is an intimate portrait of three women whose lives collide during a brutal Texas summer. In Gatestown, Texas, twenty-nine-year-old Karen Lowens awaits her execution with a host of convicted serial killers on death row. In Manhattan, Dr. Franny Wren, also twenty-nine, tends to a young cancer patient, and resists the urge to run from her fiancé and her...
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In her first two novels, Sleep Toward Heaven and How to Be Lost, Amanda Eyre Ward asked questions about loss and forgiveness: Is salvation possible to achieve? What are the costs of achieving it? Does everyone deserve it? Forgive Me, as the title suggests, blatantly explores these questions and other big themes-from apartheid to race, globalization, and motherhood. Filled with plot...