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Wow, it's been a pretty eventful week. As writers, we know that most of the action normally takes place in our heads. Most of the ones I know seem to be waiting for the world to catch up as their imaginations race ahead. But when your second book comes out and is a bestseller before it even...
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Just wanted to let you know that my second book, Wake Up to YourWeight Loss, will be released tomorrow, May 6th.  It's available at Amazon, Target, as well as your favoritelocal bookseller (if you harass them gently but persistently). It's been a labor of love in working with my own issues, as...
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Say it ain't so. Tell me I'm dreaming. After editors of several Lonely Planet guidebooks, said to be plagiarized or fabricated outright by writer Thomas Kohnstamm, now say he didn't lie as badly as he'd claimed, I'm not sure how to feel. The books are still valuable to travelers, or not? They'...
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As a relatively rabid travel reader (and Travel Channel junkie), I suppose I shouldn't have been surprised when Thomas Kohnstamm, co-author of a dozen Lonely Planet guides to Latin America and the Caribbean, admitted that he had plagiarized his work, and never even visited one of the locations he...
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I'm way behind in mentioning this, but thought I would put it out there. My second book -- Wake Up to Your Weight Loss -- springs from workshops I've held in the past, with people looking to combine storytelling, healing and weight loss. It's coming out in about 3 weeks, on May 6th, and will be...
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