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Workshops Galore!

In the spirit of working it, writing-wise, I've been spending my time developing three new online workshops for the spring and summer months, while not busy giving mini workshops on my 2009 book tour --

Unlike other travelers, I like spending time in airports. I love people-watching, and people in airports are usually so focused on doing their thing that they seldom notice they're being watched. Add to that a few memorable airport diversions -- the slot machines in Vegas lending their ding-ding-dings to the marching footsteps, the glassed-in smoking room at O'Hare -- and out-and-out eavesdroppers like myself have all the cover they need.

More details to come on my web site soon (probably this week, before one more workshop in L.A. and then heading off to the Phoenix area), but the new workshops are:

At Home in Your Body: Today, Tomorrow & Always - April 2009
(for people trying to deal with weight loss and body issues)

Getting to the Source: Deeper Spiritual Writing - May 2009
(for writers wanting to combine spiritual practice with their work)

Being the Change: Compassion for Writers - June 2009
(for writers that want to develop more compassion and insight into their characters)

The link is http://www.wakeuptoyourstories.com/Online_Workshops.html. All classes are available via telesminar, and even if you can't make a particular date and time, they'll be sent to you in MP3 files so you can enjoy them in your own time.

Hope to see you there!