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Summer Writing Workshops (with a Little Healing Thrown in For Fun)

Anyone in the mood for a different kind of summer writing workshop?

I'm offering two this summer, easily accessible from anywhere in the world. More details can be found by going to http://wakeuptoyourstories.com/Online_Workshops.html or checking out the press release below: 


Becca Hornbuckle
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(LOS ANGELES, CA)—(June 2, 2008)—A Storied Life Publishing announced today two new online workshops, conducted by Alyson Mead, bestselling author of Wake Up to Your Weight Loss.

“It becomes impossible for an author to travel everywhere to conduct workshops, especially during the summer,” said Noel Brinkerhoff, executive director of A Storied Life Publishing. “So we wanted to facilitate the availability of additional information for Alyson’s readers through the media of the Internet and teleseminars. We believe she’ll be able to help a lot of people to effect health and healing in their lives for years to come this way.”

Using a combination of guided meditations, follow up exercises and instruction on how to identify the internal stories people tell themselves all the time, usually without knowing it, Mead’s program helps readers identify emotional problems behind overeating, provides motivation for exercise and even helps them completely rewrite the story of their lives.

“Working with your stories not only provides an excellent opportunity to effect healing in all areas of your life, but makes any self-help program that much more personalized,” said Alyson Mead, author of Wake Up to Your Weight Loss. “I try to make my workshops fun and light-hearted, but also leave room for participants to discover something new about themselves. If I achieve that, I feel I’ve done my job well.”

The workshop, “Releasing Doubt: You Can Achieve Your Best Body,” will be held during four Wednesdays in July.

The next workshop, “The Wisdom of Transformation: Rewriting the Story of Your Life,” will be held on four Wednesdays in August.

All workshops are conducted using teleseminars, with participants calling in to a common phone number, and inputting a special code.

The cost of each workshop is $35. More information can be found by visiting http://wakeuptoyourstories.com/Online_Workshops.html.