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KIM Equals Keep It Moving, According to Flava Flav

Yes, I saw Flava Flav, coming back into Los Angeles Monday afternoon, after the first leg of my book tour. Not that it's startling to see celebrities on planes bound for L.A., but he was standing shoulder to shoulder with the captain at the plane's entrance, kind of like a welcoming committee, actually addressing everyone who came onboard. Very personable, that guy. Filled with the kind of charm that makes it clear why he's a star (the greatness of Public Enemy doesn't hurt, either). The crew joked with him that he would be the in-flight entertainment.

Texas was a flat and cold place this time of year, but we had some great BBQ, met some wonderful people and hopefully opened a few minds. A private book group in Austin welcomed me on Saturday evening, and we had delicious red velvet cupcakes and green tea (try it before you knock it, people) before sitting down for some meditation and discussion. Saw the wonderful Sebastiao Salgado photography exhibit at the Austin Museum of Art, and wanted to take half of it home.

Thanks also to Primrose and Rohan in San Antonio, who opened their studio to us. River Walk was prettier than I thought it would be, and heavy with birdsong. The Alamo was also moving, but funny as well, as we overheard an Asian dude saying that the only thing he knew about the Alamo was that that's where Pee Wee Herman got his bike stolen. Then he asked his little sister to "school him on the Alamo."

God, I love this country.

But as I overheard Flava tell someone on the plane back home, KIM stands for Keep It Moving. In that spirit, I'll post a link here, to the rest of my upcoming tour.


More dates are being finalized every day, and my publishing company tells me that I will probably make another loop through Texas later this year, maybe as early as the summer. Leaving me plenty of time to get hungry again.