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A New Year, A New Tour

Feelin' like a rock star and getting ready to embark on my first ever book tour. This once, though, I think I'll forsake the booze and the groupies. :)

In preparation, I had been doing a few dates within driving distance of Los Angeles, and there's nothing quite like the combination of a road trip -- what can I say? I'm American -- and getting out to meet tons of new people who are actively seeking to change their lives to get me really excited.

All too often, book publishing companies have cut back on the idea of author tours -- unless you're J.K. Rowling or Stephanie Meyer, of course -- to the detriment of authors, and the public at large. I know they cost money, but these days, we want to know more about the person and the process, not just the end result, the product. We all watch Top Chef and know what a coulis is, even if we can't make one. We revel in the competition and the personalities, as well as the amazing food that comes out of those comically hindered kitchens each week. The same is true for book authors. So far, I've been asked questions that range from how I got started writing to how long I meditate each day. One man wanted to know if I used a computer or a notebook, and another asked how long I write each day. Interesting. Definitely not what I expected.

I have to admit that this is bound to be as much fun for me as for anyone who may want to come to one of my mini workshops. Writing can be very lonely, unless you're very careful about it, so the idea of meeting new people, engaging in healthy discussions, teaching and listening, won't just give me greater insight as a writer. It'll probably give me greater hope as a human being. And that can never be bad.