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Your Self-Confident Baby
Published by Children's Literature
Designed to assist new parents and caregivers of infants in developing capable and confident children, this book was written by a great grandmother and founder of Resources for...
Your Self-Confident Baby
Published by Publisher's Weekly
A child therapist, great-grandmother and founder of a method of child rearing called Resources for Infant Educarers, or RIE (pronounced "wry"), Gerber runs a parenting...
Your Self-Confident Baby
Published by O: The Oprah Magazine
I had great trepidation about motherhood, and so I've read a lot of child-rearing guides. This one was recommended to me by our friends Gary Ross (director of Seabiscuit) and...
The Way Home
Published by The Desert Sun
Allison Johnson writes about people on the edge. In particular, people in Southern California who are living on the fringe, physically, emotionally, and mentally. In The Way Home...
The Way Home
Published by Other Voices
For anyone who has ever driven the desert and been captivated by the sight of wind farms, the miles of perfectly spaced white mills, turning in what we can only perceive as...
The Way Home
Published by Coast Magazine
What makes The Way Home worth reading, more than anything else, it's the quirky but still believable characters. Johnson's portrayal of the often awkward issue of how to deal...