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What do cities vying for Olympics hosting rights have in common with shampoo? Or cookies? Cars? How about sneakers? Like any brand, which, yes, cities and countries are, they have to identify something to represent to consumers that’s different and better than any competitive claims. More so, this...
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Macmillan, the Parent company of my publisher Palgrave, has invited me to participate in a promotion to celebrate the paperback release of my new book, BrandDigital. They’ve set up a three-book prize giveaway, which includes BrandDigital, my first book, BrandSimple, and a book by Erika Andersen...
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Like many marketing people of a certain age, in the early days of my career I occasionally ran into some authentic “mad men.” For those of us who had this opportunity, it makes watching the AMC series of the same name all the more enjoyable. The producers and writers of “Mad Men” have captured all...
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Do you know the best way to get white lime deposits off a stone wall? Fill in the ever-widening hole around a pipe leading to the air conditioning unit? Get mice from settling permanently into your garage? I do. Well, actually, the folks at my local Ace Hardware store in rural New York do. I’ve...
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It was with great interest that I read a recent article in the New York Times about how Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are turning away from tradtional PR to spread news of their newly-hatched companies and turning straight to the tactics likely to make them richer entrepreneurs - digital technology...
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Most of us have heard about Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs - you know, the need to gratify hunger, thirst, shelter before moving up to less elemental things. But a hierarchy of human needs relative to our digital life? Absolutely. People divide online pursuits into several tiers, the bottom, or...
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Tweeting, texting, posting , poking - we all know that social networking helps us keep in touch with what’s going on out there. It’s been my observation that many companies are using the same digital tactics and techniques to help its employees keep in touch with what’s going on in there - inside...
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I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Dan Schwabel, the leading personal branding expert for Gen-Y, and founder of the popular site, PersonalBrandingBlog.com. During our conversation, he asked me questions about the both the basics of building strong brands, and the changing dynamics...
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Will Twitter soon replace Facebook as the online social connector of choice? As the number of news stories about who’s tweeting whom seems to increase with the number of Twitter users, it’s a question being asked by marketers who use social networks as part of their branding initiatives. But this...
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Domino’s knows the recipe for getting its pizza out the door fast and right. It also knows the recipe for smart action in times of PR dust-ups. After a couple of pranksters (and now former Domino’s employees) posted a satirical video about the company on YouTube, the company acted in precisely the...
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What do you do if your company’s brand goes from highly desired to highly disdained as a result of current events? Over the past several months, this has become the case for brand names that represent the height of luxury and the height of environmental incorrectness in the minds of consumers. But...
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Does goodness pay? If a company makes a “goodness” dimension central to its business strategy it certainly does. In a recent article in Forbes, I wrote about the fact that doing good will be increasingly important to companies as they try to differentiate their brands going forward. With consumers...
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There’s an old saying, or perhaps it’s a toast, which goes, “May you live in interesting times.” I think I speak for all of us when I say I’d prefer to live in less interesting times. We could all use a dose of business as usual, which is the subject of my latest article for Forbes magazine;...
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Is going back to branding campaigns from the good old days going to quell consumer angst? I think not. Consumers want to see initiatives from brands that demonstrate an understanding of what’s here and now. In this article in Forbes, I write about how serving up retro branding may be fun to look at...
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Geez, now what? As if the economy, world affairs, and health care reform weren’t enough, it seems President Obama has one more dilemma on his plate to deal with. According to recent reports, the technological infrastructure in the White House is not nearly as sophisticated as the digital tools the...
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