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The way things were

It's funny how the way things work in life.  When we were younger we would go through our days typically carefree, not knowing of what lies ahead, unknowledgeable of all these possible experiences; until we experience them.  It had been almost four years since i had spoken to or seen Joy, and during that time i had moved on with my life and met many people, experienced many highs and lows and worked towards developing myself, both for the better and worst of things.

 My relationship with God is very much honest, if not brutally raw, and i wouldn't have it any other way.  Over the years i have had conversations with him, full of anger at times and others being of compliance and sincerity, never did i expect that the way my life would course through, would turn out the way it is right now.  Be it karma, God's will, coincidence, however you perceive it amazes me how things wind back to a bigger picture in the end.  I mean that metaphorically of course, being only twenty six years of ages doesn't make me wise and old, just older.

 I haven't had the best of luck in 'love', in saying that though, that doesn't mean i haven't had beautiful memories of past relationships.   Some of the best memories, be it intimate or trivial, have been from previous relationships, and i wouldn't change that for the world.  Joy and I had been in love in the past and although towards the end of our relationship it became sour and stagnant, what we had really made an impact in my life.  And as typical and cliche as it sounds, i carried it with me through the past 4 years.  We've both lead our own lives separately yet miraculously, we both don't have any ill feelings towards each other.

It may seem juvenile to think that after two people separate, they would both continue to harbour grudges or negativity; which in reality is the case.  It's only until you come across instances that prove otherwise, and this goes for everything else that everyone may go through.  What i'm trying to say is that the proverbial term of 'luck' does change for everyone.  Time plays a factor, not just for a situation but for your individual benefit as well.  It is a warm feeling of relief and assurance when good things happen to everyone.

I'm not one for surprises...but the one surprise that i can truly appreciate is about to have lunch with me today and i'm looking forward to it.