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Brisbane, Australia
Aug 2010

I was born in Philippines but lived most of my childhood in Papua New Guinea.  Eventually moving to Australia and gaining citizenship I studied for a short time in the field of computer networking after high school then moving onto business management at Southbank Tafe.  I worked in the hospitality industry making my way up to manager but then moved onto the printing industry of Brisbane's Westend.

Over the years of my life in Australia i had been drawing constantly whether for myself or for friends.  During the end of high school, with the aid and support of a good friend, we aimed at creating our first graphic novel.  Although it has not been published even till now, it has always been an 'escape' that we see as an ever changing but constant refuge.  From all my experiences and paths i've taken over the years, i believe in the power and rewards of creating, whether it be through writing or illustrating, and hold onto that idea as i strive to earn my place in that field.

Upcoming Works

Although i don't have any officially published works i do have a children's book i had finished recently titled 'All the little things'. If you would like to view or read it to your children, i would be more than happy to email it (it's a pdf file) to you and answer any questions.

I do have a website which i use to upload some of my works so if you wish to view them just follow: http://mracey.deviantart.com/gallery/

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Interests & Hobbies

I enjoy drawing, the occasional dvd's with my girlfriend, relaxing in front of the tv and playing video games, cooking and working out; just to balance it.