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Allan's Poem of the Week: "Auburn"


As if you didn't know,
hair has powers,
can be most beguiling.
My sister, seven years older,
had the gift in high school.
My father, Christian born-again,
called it her "crowning glory"-
got that, I think,
somewhere in the Bible.
When the sun shone on
her rich brown mane
late afternoon, it stunned
with an auburn glow.
My first true love-
met when I was
a college sophomore-
was an auburn beauty
out of the gate and
won my heart, as well.
with body, spirit and smile.
We lasted a year,
she married the
basketball star
and my life love
is a blonde.
I pause, though,
now and then,
her hair
of low fire.

From Allan Cox's collection, "Light Log on the Fire."
Copyright© 2009-2010, all rights reserved.
posted by Allan Cox @ 7:35 AM