where the writers are

Kathleen Norris writes

of the special blue

of Dakota's sky.

Painters and artisans

extol the light

in the South of France.

Land formations in

and around Asheville,

North Carolina are said

to share properties

of the Fertile Crescent

of the Old Testament.

The effect of these claims

on me is suspension.

Do I startle

with "Oh, really now?"

Do I find pleasure

in what may be myth?

Am I flippant with

"Well, maybe, so what?"

Truth is, I want to believe

and so I do,

cradled like a child

in a bough

that never breaks.


From Allan Cox's collection, "Thin Wall of Radiance."

Copyright ©2009, all rights reserved.


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Thought provoking -

"The effect of these claims on me is suspension..." This is going to stay with me for some time. It sounds like Thomas Merton - and in its context is both powerful and calm(ing). This is a marvellous poem. And speaking of Kathleen Norris, have you read The Cloister Walk? Also powerful and calm... Thanks for sharing this, Allan.