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Allan's Best Tweets of the Week: "Your Course is Clear"

Your Course is Clear

1.    "I am like all other men; like some other men; like no other man." Listen to Aeschylus. In life, express no-other-person qualities."

2.    Separate your unique strengths from your "me-too" strengths and act on them.

3.    We deny gifts as well as shortcomings. "Hey, you're good at that," she says. "Oh, come on," you say." "No, I mean it." "Really?" you say.

4.    To be good at something puts you on the spot. It means you can't malinger. People expect good things from you.

5.    If you've shown you're good at some craft, and the reactions of others won't let you hide from that, bathe in it, claim it. It's you.

6.    Write your mission: your brief compelling statement of purpose, uniqueness and method. 75 words or less.

7.    Go for it. "The man of courage flees forward." Jacques Maritain