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Allan's Best Tweets of the Week: "Who Are You? You Thought You Knew!"

Who Are You? You Thought You Knew!

1. Stay fresh. Find ways to let breezes blow over you. Keep your life minty green. Red hot sky at sunset, cool silver dew in morning. Rhythm.

2. My friend writes poetry and sells gaskets--puts poetry into his work and gaskets into his poetry. His harmonizing rhythm keeps him fresh.

3. Action begets action. It's easier to keep going than get going. When you start, don't get discouraged and quit before you hit stride.

4. Whenever you set a goal, ask yourself if it is a goal or a wish. A goal, you say! Well, then, is it a goal for today or for another time?

5. When you set an authentic goal, this is the flowering of your resilience.

6. Living up to your potential isn't it. You're more textured, deeper, and richer than what society or "time-in-history" say you ought to be.

7. Who and what you are make up what's worth being-not some lie that says who you are that you've been believing.