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Allan's Best Tweets of the Week

Danger is a Fact of Life     

1.     We talk incessantly in business of risk, but where’s the beef? Risk means fear. It’s not an idle challenge. It can hurt. 

2.     We also speak critically of others as being risk-averse, but would be wise to at least look in the mirror as we level this criticism. 

3.     Alfred Adler, the great psychologist, said the three tasks of life are work, love and friendship. Doing well in all three entails risk. 

4.     Encouragement does not mean mild, bland support but to help make courageous. This is one way we are our brother’s keeper. Step in. 

5.     See and declare when your life is overrun with a hesitating attitude. 

6.     When you end up with egg on your face, people admire your acknowledging it and will help you work your way out. 

7.     OK, now, what’s the one thing in your life you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t? Say it! Do it!