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Allan's Best Tweets For The Week: "You Have To Consider New Things"

You Have To Consider New Things

1. Lessons about work and career are wherever you find them. Team effort can be learned by studying an ant colony or attending a choral concert.

2.  Enthusiasm reflects confidence, spreads good cheer, raises morale, inspires associates, arouses loyalty, laughs at adversity--can't buy it.

3. For now, permanence is proof of adaptability. The moral: Keep scanning.

4. For me, no outcome has proved more predictable than this: clients with great warmth attract the most capable executives to their ranks.

5. One big difference between non-achievers and achievers is this: achievers  have mastered the art of applying the obvious.

6. The modern achiever is first and foremost a facilitator.

7. The call for vision, as in the case for leadership, is largely a shibboleth, empty and pretty meaningless. Tell me what it really means!