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Allan's Best Tweets for the Week: "Mysteries Are Everywhere You Look"

Mysteries Are Everywhere You Look

1.    Destiny isn't drafted, but revealed.

2.    We are responsible for our actions, but not results. results lie with Destiny.

3.    Life is a mystery. You are here. Why? Contemplate the miracle of your own birth. You had little to do with it.

4.    This barren, fallow time-feeling that nothing's happening! Go with it. Stay with it. Something good is afoot.

5.    Seemingly arbitrarily, my parents gave me my name. Allan means harmony. This pleases me. What does your name mean?

6.    The person in the next room is waiting for you. What will come of it when you open the door?

7.    A day, and perhaps a life, is made special when a truth buried in you makes an appearance.