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Allan's Best Tweets for the Week

Let Adult Fantasies Have Their Run, Too 

1.  Shakti Gawain wrote a classic book titled Visualization that people love. You might like to read it, too. It helps open up possibilities. 

2.  Every once in awhile, we have to ask ourselves, “What if water ran uphill?” 

3. The wolf and sour gapes, Hansel and Gretel, Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kinobe, Jack and the Beanstalk—my, what lessons they taught us! 

4.  My own favorite fantasy is The Sound of Music. What’s yours? Look at Geico go! 

5.  How about the fantasy that comes true, like “My kid’s off drugs!” 

6.  How about a prayer that just eased out of you? 

7.  What was the young Buddha-to-be thinking when he left home?!