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Allan's Best Tweets for the Week

Legacies in our lives: 

1. People name who most moved their lives with titles of parent, grandparent, other relative, teacher, coach, priest and the like.

2. My dog Princess was run over by a train and I thought I would die, too. By nightfall, though, with my Dad's help, I was laughing.

3. Mrs. Cudney-my second-grade teacher-taught me that when you tell a lie, you usually have to tell three or four more to cover it.

4. Be alive to people who touch you deeply. What is it about them that's about you?

5. What is worth learning and mastering? Forget everything else-that's where you must go.

6. Sometimes the most valuable thing done to me is that I've been ignored. Or so it seemed.

7. Next time you're in front of a fireplace, look deeply into the flames. Who comes to mind--anybody with a big impact on you?