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When Book Projects Rain, They Pour

I have several book irons in the proverbial fire - each very different, but I'm just waiting to see which one comes through first.

Project 1 - A book for working mothers. I am a mom and I work so I'm fully qualified for this one. It is a co-authoring gig with two very interesting, savvy women. 

Project 2 - A book about a tech topic for boomers. I always thought I was a Gen Xer but now find that I'm at the tail end of Boomerdom. I'm teaming up with another woman writer who I've always admired. She is of the boomer persuasion. So we're tossing around ideas and see where it goes.

Project 3 - I've just discovered WeBook.com and find it fascinating. I'm going to develop a women's health project I've been trying to get off the ground for ages. The site let's their community vote on finished manuscripts to publish them, and they publish as POD, audiobook, ebook and in some cases, via SMS.

Project 4 - A virtual worlds book. My publisher asked me if I could write it and of course, I said yes. Now they are dragging their heels. By the time they decide to publish it, the entire virtual world landscape will have changed yet again. Then again, publishing any book on technology is a bit moot, but hey, they pay.

What's on your plate?