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I'm in that limbo that many authors find themselves in. I have a publisher - Adams Media - for whom I wrote two books in the last few years: The Everything Blogging Book and Streetwise Ecommerce. But I'm antsy to get another book out there, and my current publisher can't rally interest in it.

I'm working on a social media handbook - something between the Dummies books that are bound to come out shortly and the more high-brow pontifications that are out there right now and while relevant, not useful to the typical non-techie business owner or nonprofit director.

This book is already writing itself - it can't not get out there. I've been so immersed in social media for the last several years and writing about it for various blog, web sites and publications, that I know this stuff. Not only that, because I've been doing social media in one form or another since the early 90s before it was called social media, I can draw from over 15 years of hands-on experience. This is the book I'm meant to write right now.

My agent says she has interest from Sourcebooks. I like the books that come out of Sourcebooks so this sounds promising. But as I chomp at the bit and the publishing industry hems and haws, the Internet continues to morph at lightening speed and I'm just worried this perfect moment will pass too quickly.

It is all about timing. And publishing struggles to keep up as we all do.

Things move so quickly and so slowly at the same time.

Where are you in your writing? Are you in limbo, too?

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