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Authors don’t just write books. We are also marketers for our books and salespeople for our books. With the explosion of social media and even mobile media, we have many more tools at our disposal to leverage for book marketing and sales. Here are some tools you may want to explore for your book. 1...
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In today’s world of apps, we all now have mini video production studios at our fingertips. For authors, this means the ability to easily create video book trailers, a visually compelling promotional tool that can be used in social media. Here are some easy-to-use web-based and mobile applications...
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Last week, I blogged about several ways you can use Facebook to help promote your book. This week, lets take a closer look at specific ways to market your book on Twitter. First, make sure your Twitter page is designed to feature your book front and center. Then find ways to post more visual tweets...
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You’ve got a book, you’re on RedRoom, and you’ve also put up a Facebook Page. How can you leverage Facebook to help promote your book? First, you need to make sure your Facebook Page clearly showcases your book front and center. Next, you need to add customized branded content to your Page. Then...
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In August and then in October, I'll be touring to support my two upcoming books this year: The Complete Idiot's Guide to Crowdsourcing (Penguin, July 2011) and Mom, Incorporated (Sellers Publishing, Oct 2011). In the meanwhile, here are some upcoming appearances:  Jun 24, 2011 - 11:15 AM -...
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My MacBook going mobile
I'm in that limbo that many authors find themselves in. I have a publisher - Adams Media - for whom I wrote two books in the last few years: The Everything Blogging Book and Streetwise Ecommerce. But I'm antsy to get another book out there, and my current publisher can't rally interest in it. I'm...
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Book projects are on hold for now. I have a slew of blog posts, columns and articles I need to write each week and each month for a variety of outlets. I love blogging. There is an immediacy - and a brevity - that suits my current brain. I'm blogging for WorkitMom, Web Worker Daily and also trying...
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I have several book irons in the proverbial fire - each very different, but I'm just waiting to see which one comes through first. Project 1 - A book for working mothers. I am a mom and I work so I'm fully qualified for this one. It is a co-authoring gig with two very interesting, savvy women. ...
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