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Recovery Becomes You

Do not lie there curled up
face in hand, mouth open
trying with nuclear sized energy
to suck in one breath

Do not allow sickness
to turn your body
into an adult fetus at the mercy
of zoo animals masked as viruses

Do not let swines and avarian birds
rob your wealth, your health
until the word flu escalates

into a four letter word

Find your strength in prayer, chant
song, meditation. That thing you do
that puts your spirit soaring into flight

Find your healing and hold firm
like a cowboy breaking in a wild horse
Break down that beast, wrestle that swine
lock down that wild avarian bird

Fear not the letters H and N or the number 1
in that combination that shuts down
national borders and closes local schools

Your body does heal, will heal
back into its health

be patient, be at rest
be at peace, be at ease
knowing recovery becomes you