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Raleigh, NC
Frank Scott McElreath
Jun 2010

I'm a writer and college English teacher at a small, private, historically black college in North Carolina. I'm also mama to two great kids. For four years I wrote an almost daily parenting/you-name-it column for The Family Education Network, where I surprised myself (and my readers, I am sure) by having something to say nearly every day. I am the columns editor for Literary Mama magazine (http://www.literarymama.com). My writing has also appeared in Mama, Ph.D, published by Rutgers University Press, and on the website dedicated to diversity and parenting, Love Isn't Enough. I completed my second novel, Ficus Way, this past summer and am hoping to find a home for it soon!

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I completed work this summer on my second novel, Ficus Way.

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Vegetarianism, Swimming, Autism Advocacy