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The Real Dogzilla
Chloe at 8 weeks old

Nothing escapes the jaws of Chloe the Pit Bull pup. Since her teething stage as a little puppy she has graduated from soft chewy chew toys to hard rubber toys like the Dogzilla line and still manages to pulverize most of them with her super strong jaws and teeth. Toys don't last with Chloe and often time when I present a new rubber toy that I think could withstand the power of her bit I am proven wrong time and time again. Each time I present a new toy to her, she happily accepts it by taking it from me and running around the back yard with it in her mouth and then running back to me with a wagging tail almost as if she is saying "Thank you!" Satisfied with her joy I leave her only to return a half hour later to little pieces of the toy scattered around the back yard and in the middle of the mess she is laying down with the remainder of her plunder between her paws biting at what is left of the toy that never had a chance. "Oh my little puppy, what ever shall I do with you?" I ask as if she could answer me back but she acknowledges my talking looking up at me with a wagging tale and then goes to back to finish the toy off.

Stuffed animals are her favorite and then the rubber toys you can fill with treats. I've learned to be a frugal buyer when it comes to the stuffed animals because again, she is the destroyer of toys. It does not upset me to pick up wads of cotton from the floor after she's gutted her stuffed bear or the little pieces of a supposed extra tough rubber toy either. She is still my little puppy at 70 pounds and 1 year of age; she just has a very strong mouth! Nevertheless I will still bring her new toys for her to chew away at, new gifts for her delight and the sheer joy of chewing! As I sit here writing, on the floor by my feet is a new set of rubber dog toys and tasty new treats.