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The alluring Romance Novel

I remember as a teenager my grandmother always read romance novels. You know, the kind where the dashing Vicotrian man uses his charm and good looks to sweep the beautiful and willing virgin off her feet and into his bed? Yeah, those kind. Despite my childish giggles when reading the sex scenes I always found the little historical aspects of the novels very appealing and opened a world of questions that the novels never answered. I thought to myself how did they live, what they actually ate, drank, and even how they used the restroom!?! I don't know if anyone else thougth these things each time they looked at the cover of the bare-chested muscular man holding a flustered woman in his arms that looked like she was about to faint. Sometimes I have some pretty strange thoughts but hasn't anyone else thought about them not brushing their teeth everyday? Then after page after page of scandal, a betrayal, a chase, they find themselves back in each other's arms and hapily married. But this entry isn't about summing up a romance novel, it's about the need in each of us to be together. The human nature that draws us to each other in attractions we otherwise never could imagine and the happy ending we all strive to have. Did I just make sense? I don't know but makes sense to me.