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Should I have capitalized some more of that title? Hmmm...Just briefly if you will I recently discovered that while I am writing my make-believe ventures into La-La-Land that I'm needing that handy-dandy spell check all the more...just used it again on a very simple word!As I sit here daily behind...
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Chloe at 8 weeks old
Nothing escapes the jaws of Chloe the Pit Bull pup. Since her teething stage as a little puppy she has graduated from soft chewy chew toys to hard rubber toys like the Dogzilla line and still manages to pulverize most of them with her super strong jaws and teeth. Toys don't last with Chloe and...
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Could I say that I am a product of society, a piece of intellect that is not quit intellectual? I would describe myself as someone with a great personality and who enjoys long walks on the beach like any old fart or hopeless romantic would. I love telling off-the-wall jokes but I am the only one...
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I was never close to him. I met him twice so I can't say that his death has greatly effected me with saddness. I know his name, that he was my great uncle and that he fought in the Vietnam war. He worked for my grandmother and ran her auto repair shop in McIntosh, New Mexico. He didn't have any...
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I just finished reading an article on the VA and how they approved $24M in bonuses: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090821/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/us_veterans_bonuse...  I find this very disturbing and I feel angry, upset, and like I just want to flip them off for this. I'm not saying bonuses are bad, in...
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I remember as a teenager my grandmother always read romance novels. You know, the kind where the dashing Vicotrian man uses his charm and good looks to sweep the beautiful and willing virgin off her feet and into his bed? Yeah, those kind. Despite my childish giggles when reading the sex scenes I...
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Right now my lovebirds have 5 eggs. Should get maybe two more in the next two days. If all goes well the first egg will hatch around the 27th. Pretty excited because this is going to be the first time these two have babies. I can't wait to handle them because I don't handle their parents. Before...
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