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Collaborative Content: How It Works
Poster for Saltian

Here's what Annmarie Lockhart, publisher of unbound CONTENT says about our upcoming book project:

"Starting next week, with the official launch of WIP: Saltian, a new post will go up every day here for 51 days. The posts will consist of a poem by Alice Shapiro and a critique by a member of the Saltian editorial board. The critiques will be varied in style, form, and tenor, each providing their own take on the poems. What happens after that? You read the poems and the critiques and comment on the posts, providing your reaction to the original poem, the critique, or both. The idea is to incorporate as many voices as possible into the development of this content. Alice will have the final say on what the published collection will look like, but everyone who contributes a legitimate comment will be named in the acknowledgments and will be entitled to a discount on the print version of the book. For now though, the goal is to get you thinking about innovative collaboration and how you react to what you read. The beginning of this grand adventure is just days away! Are you ready for the ride?" http://booksblog.unboundcontent.com/

The Saltian poster is available now at http://www.zazzle.com/poetnomics