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Sunflowers and Yellow Roses: Mother Love

I know what it is for Mother's Day to be hard. When your Mama's broke, and I don't mean, when your Mama has no money, I mean when your mother has a heart so hurting she can't love herself, she can't love her child, she can't even like being black or stand being a woman, the second Sunday in May is not an easy day.

It's a day for pushing rocks up hills.

Read the rest at AOL's Black Voices.

By the way, Gina Misiroglu of Red Room put me in touch with the AOL people, which is one of the great ways she's bringing traffic to Red Room and getting attention for Red Room's authors.


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Your message truly spoke to my heart. I'm a mom to a daugther who gave me the first ever sense of purpose I had being alive on the planet. That must be truly hard on her, my daughter.

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Mother's Day Can Be Hard

Oh yes, all the guilt and regrets of not being the mother I should have been and would have been if only.........but reading this story of sunflowers and roses lightens my eyes. Thank you for sharing.