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Daniel Wisler (August 25, 1992--Feb. 2, 1997)
Feb. 1, 2011 Fourteen years ago, this was the last full day you lived. It was a seasonably warm Saturday outside the hospital, and inside the institution, the windows didn't feel as cool as they had earlier.  Kissing your shiny head, I hoped you would not leave us, although it was evident that...
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  When September rolls around, I look like any other haggled parent standing in the checkout with three kids. The shopping cart is filled with packs of pencils, note paper, crayons, markers, and tissues. "Why do we need to buy tissues for school?" my kindergartener asked last year. I...
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I suppose my high school English teacher would like to think he made the biggest impression in my life. He loved to quote Shakespeare, Bryon and Keats. He could whip up a gourmet French dinner in a few hours. He knew Latin and spoke Japanese. "Class, class, you'll thank me one day," he'd...
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My obsession is finding others.  To do this, I eavesdrop. Seated at Panera Bread on a Saturday afternoon, a host of characters parade in front of me, beside me at tables, or in the coffee queue.  I watch with my pen and paper. They think I'm writing something profound, I'm sure.  The truth is that...
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The back cover's blurb--there lies the misstep. I was tagged by my publisher as a romance writer, although my first novel, Rain Song, is really about a young woman getting over her fears to make her journey overseas.  Sure, a man helps her get to this point, but I wasn't thinking that it was...
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My novel is here, it's here, it's really here! Sure, I feel like a kid, like the kid I once was in bagging red tights, eager to win the spelling bee in Ms. Terwilliger's first grade class. However, when I look in the mirror and hold Rain Song, uh, well.... I guess I did turn 47 on my last...
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