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Angels and Sisters -- Who's Telling This Story???

In the new paperback release of my novel THIRD ANGEL there is a new section included that wasn't in the original hardback edition-- the book written by one of the characters, a children's book titled "The Heron's Wife" -- since my character was a writer, it seemed only fair that readers got to read her book since I refer to it in my own book.

 Now, in my new novel, THE STORY SISTERS, which will be out in June 2009, another character has a book -- the character is Elv Story and her book is unpublished, yet still impacts her life and the life of everyone around her. Titled "The Black Book of Fairy Tales" it reveals the inner core of her life, and answers some of the emotional puzzles in the book

 But what does it mean when a writer's characters start to tell their own stories? Will the next book be written from first page to last by a character rather than by the author -- me? I've avoided using writers as characters in the past, for many reasons, but now I see that the main reason for being careful is they want to take over. Thankfully, Elv and I shared The Story Sisters. If you want to read her fairytales, they'll soon be posted on my website -- alicehoffman.com