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I'm joining the entire Red Room community in writing a short blog post on this week's topic: "Heroes." The form and the content of the blog entry are open to personal interpretation; whether this topic calls to mind a real-life hero, a fictional character, or something else altogether, we...
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I recently read Wicked Plants: The Weed That Killed Lincoln's Mother & Other Botanical Atrocities as part of our Red Room staff book club, and absolutely loved it. I might be slightly biased, because I love plants anyway, but this book is seriously fascinating.  There were so many things to...
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Like Charles, I have many obsessions--and, also like Charles, I'll talk about my embarrassing one.  I'm obsessed with pencil stubs.  Yeah, you know, the little bit that's left over when you've sharpened a pencil as much as it can possibly be sharpened?  I just can't throw them away!  I feel so bad...
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I'll admit it: I love fairy tales, and I'm not ashamed. Some people may scorn them as boring, trashy fluff, or roll their eyes at the notion that every story has a happy ending, but that only shows how few good fairy tales they've read. Maybe the watered-down versions of Grimms' fairy tales that...
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The thing about travelling is that you're always missing something. It's a fair exchange: you take amazing experiences away with you, but you fall in love with things you have to leave behind. Maybe it's the way a cone of cypress looks so solid against slow Italian skies; a parrotfish, nibbling...
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